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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Help for Feline Aggression

  • Stop doing the things that trigger the cat.  For example, for cats with petting aggression, don’t pet them.  You can often recognize body signs that cats show when they start to become annoyed.  Their eyes narrow, their ears swivel sideways, they look over their shoulder at the culprit, and their tails twitch.
  • Teach the cat to obey a command using the clicker method which is conditionally rewarded with a treat.
The following video is for clicker training your cat to go to a mat but you could use the same technique to train your cat to go to another room (say for example when she is showing signs of aggression).
  • Exercise!  Spend at least 15 minutes twice a day exercising the cat with a favorite toy, such as a laser light or feather wand.