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Monday, May 7, 2012

Cat Food

Domestic cats originated from the Middle East.  They ate small prey such as birds, mice, rabbits, lizards, and bugs.  They did not eat seafood or larger animals such as cattle or venison. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that they require a meat diet in order to sustain their nutritional needs. The ability to synthetically produce nutrients such as taurine has allowed the pet food industry to make cat foods that are high in plant matter instead of meat. We believe this has led to a high incidence of health problems in cats including inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, and diabetes.
The following ingredients have been known to cause a considerable amount of intestinal inflammation in cats:
We recommend that cats eat poultry or rabbit because it is similar to what they would eat in the wild. Canned food is thought to be more healthy than dry due to the fact that it is almost always lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein and moisture. A diet consisting of canned food only is more healthy for cats, but due to the fact that we all have busy schedules, it may be more convenient to feed some dry and some canned. In addition, some cats are dry food addicts and will not switch to canned food.
Generally cats should eat between 160 to 200 calories daily. As a rule of thumb, canned foods contain about 30 calories per ounce. Dry foods vary from 300 to 600 calories per cup. You can often find the exact caloric content of a particular food on the packaging or online.
Recommended Canned Foods:
Instinct Chicken Formula (pate)
Instinct Duck Formula (pate)
Evo 95% Chicken and Turkey (pate)
Wellness Core Chicken Formula (pate)
Wellness Core Turkey Formula (pate)
There are also Wellness Core cubed and minced meat for cats that don’t like pates.
Before Grain Chicken (pate)
Before Grain Turkey (pate)
Before Grain Quail and Chicken (pate)
Homestyle Duck and Chicken Stew (meat in gravy)
Homestyle Turkey and Liver Stew (meat in gravy)
The dry foods that we recommend contain less than 10% carbs, and more than 45% protein.
Recommended Dry Foods:
Evo Turkey and Chicken Formula 603 cal / cup 
GO Chicken/Turkey/Duck 473 cal / cup
Many people feed raw diets to their cats. We do not recommend feeding only raw, but rather feeding a variety of canned and raw due to the fact that few studies have been done to ensure that raw foods contain the required nutrients for cats. There is also a risk that raw foods contain bacteria such as salmonella and E. Coli so handling it properly when feeding it is important. Instinct by Nature’s Variety does pressure pasteurize their raw food so it may be safer.
Recommended Raw Foods:
Chicken Formula - Instinct Raw Frozen Diet 
Organic Chicken Formula - Instinct Raw Frozen Diet