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Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Kitty

Little kitty is the most recent addition to my household. To my visitors she is just a blur and many don’t realize that I have a third cat. She usually hides when friends come over due to the fact that she was originally feral and not socialized to humans until later. During the spring of 2009, I worked at the Feral Cats Spay and Neuter Clinic up in Lynnwood quite a bit, spaying and neutering cats. Often cat trappers will bring in cats that they catch in the community to have them altered. These cat trappers do such a service to this area to keep the stray cat population healthy and to a minimum and do not expect anything in return except for the satisfaction that they are helping the community and the cats as well. Anyway, apparently the cat trapper that caught Little Kitty was feeding chicken that day because the kitten was absolutely packed full of chicken bones. I had two choices, either to surgically remove the chicken bones from her stomach and take her home because she would need quite a bit of care after surgery, or to euthanize her. Being the softy I am, I chose the former. It was an intense surgery and I hoped that she would recover well. That night, after the surgery, she slept right next to me in bed. She was on loads of painkiller and probably felt so miserable that she stayed there with me, even though she was scared. The following day she was an active kitten but also shy to her new surroundings. She slowly became accustomed to my other cats and has continued to sleep in bed with me every night. I originally had planned to adopt her out, but could not bring myself to do that. She is outgoing and super social when it is just me at the house, but when other people come over she disappears.

The Feral Cat Clinic in Lynnwood has spayed and neutered over 50,000 cats. In addition to feral cats, they also do low income spays and neuters for private parties.